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There are many benefits to working with AutoCAD. All of the drawing functions are a snap to master and there are not many buttons to press. However, having all the tools and functions available at your fingertips does not mean that the software will work perfectly for you, nor that the interface is perfect. If you are having problems with AutoCAD or feel like it’s not working for you, a bit of time and experimentation is all that’s required.

Some of the AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts have changed. For example, the W key has been replaced with the J key (the left one, not the right one), as well as the S key (which previously allowed you to scale a view) has been replaced with the A key. The AutoCAD keyboard shortcut terminology guide can be found here.

The following AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts can be used:

Selecting Objects



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For information on which version of AutoCAD you have, see the About My AutoCAD screen.

1. Selecting Objects

The keyboard shortcut for selecting objects, on the other hand, is extremely important. When you press S, A or Alt+A (Pentagon on the numeric keypad) to select an object, you are locking the selection. With the lock, you cannot modify the selection, delete it or change the scaling. If you do not wish to lock the selection, select OK.

2. Modifying Objects

Modify commands are the most common actions performed in the AutoCAD program. The Modify menu allows you to do virtually anything to the objects that you select.

3. Option Keys

For options to change the settings for the features in AutoCAD, click on the gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This will display the Options screen.

The Options screen has several different submenus, each of which control different features of AutoCAD.

Some of the options are actually hidden features that are found in the toolbar under the View tab. The toolbar allows you to change the view, select objects, and create a temporary layer. It also allows you to modify the properties of the selected objects, and it includes the scaling tools, which we will discuss shortly.

The features of AutoCAD are arranged into two main menus: the Main Menu and the Application Menu.

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Open the software and login to your Autodesk account
Click the “File” menu and then click “Make a copy”

Make a copy (or clone) of your drawing template
Open your drawing template from the folder you saved it to and click “File” and then “Open”

2. Install Google Earth
Download Google Earth here and install it. It will also need to be activated (e.g., from Google Play). The download link is linked below.

3. Install the correct keygen
Open Google Earth
Click the “Tools” menu and then click “Download Key Generator”
Enter your Autodesk product key in the provided dialog box. Click “Create”
The keygen will automatically launch. The page you are viewing is the keygen’s home page.

4. Paste the key into your drawing template
Open the drawing template you cloned in step 1
In the navigation pane, highlight the “Tools” menu and then click “Keygen”
Paste the key you generated in step 3 into the dialog box (assuming you used the autocad keygen)
Click “Generate”

5. Enjoy


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What’s New in the?

Create complex drawings from freehand sketches:

Use AutoCAD’s new tools to quickly and easily create complex drawings and drawings from freehand sketches. Your drawings are organized and searchable, so you can work on them much faster. (video: 4:17 min.)

Publish drawings to the cloud:

Publish and share your latest drawings to the cloud. Once your drawings are in the cloud, you can access them through any web browser or on any mobile device. Your drawings will be secure and available from any web browser or mobile device, even if it’s a public computer or your personal mobile device. (video: 7:43 min.)


Print from the web with one click:

Go from the web to the print shop with one click. You can now print to your favorite online printing service right from within AutoCAD. And you’ll get the perfect print every time, because the online service’s output matches AutoCAD’s native print quality. (video: 2:28 min.)

AutoCAD 2D

New Appearance:

AutoCAD 2D with the new LookNFeel theme. Choose from a variety of colors to update the appearance of your desktop with professional-level graphics. (video: 4:09 min.)

Paper Handling:

Import Paper from a More Efficient Form:

Import your paper drawings quickly and easily. Drawings from a More Efficient Form (M.E.F.) are made up of digital pages, digital sheets, or digital cut files. With no external “add-on” software, your paper drawings are now so much easier to work with. You can manage the files more efficiently, print them or send them to the cloud. And, you can open your files without needing to load them into your system. (video: 4:39 min.)


New Layout Tool Bar, New Preview Dialogs, and More:

New layout tool bar offers a new layout option to assist with easier drawing of irregular shapes and three-dimensional objects. New command-dialog windows now include preview options for common tasks. (video: 5:54 min.)

Print and Duplicate:

Export Digital Paper for Print or Duplicate:

With the new PDF Print or Duplicate command, you can export your drawing’

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

To play, your system must meet the minimum recommended system requirements, which are listed below.
Intel Pentium 4 Processor
1.0 GHz (unless otherwise noted)
Windows XP or later, Vista or later
Mac OS X
Intel Processor
1.2 GHz
GPU (Nvidia GeForce 6600 or better)
1024 MB VRAM
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or higher
1024 MB



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