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Set the tempo of “Hell’s Top Triggerman: Special Edition” with one draw of the dice and fight against 7 bosses and deadly enemies in order to gather the power to ascend and become the “King of Death.”
Release Date: October 27th, 2016
(Special)Express Pass- 001:
Prove yourself as the best in your class with one draw of the dice and get the pass to enter the Death Metal.
Death Metal is a specialized class that is suited to the character developed by a variety of skills and execution. This class provides you with weapons crafted with materials forbidden by the Serpent’s covenant, and its death attacks are specialized to the enemy you fight. However, if these weapons are used in a certain way, they could be used as a critical attack. The special moves of the Death Metal are divided into these two categories: normally invisible attacks that can be used only once and visible attacks that can be used repeatedly.
In general, the skills for this class have a higher coefficient than other skills, but the skills and number of visible attacks required in order to execute them all are also higher.
If you face a Death Metal user, it is dangerous to rely on the physical attacks to kill them in 1 attack. In order to kill the Death Metal user with a critical attack, you will need to drain it of life.
(Special)Express Pass- 002:
Gather the Death Metal in order to get the third-upgrade Pass for Death Metal.
The Death Metal class is divided into 2 types of skills: normally invisible attacks that can be used only once and visible attacks that can be used repeatedly.
The normally invisible attacks are used in some Death Metal attacks, and the visible attacks are used in most of them. The normally invisible attacks are stronger, but the visible attacks can be utilized every turn.
In order to complete the Death Metal class with this Pass, you will have to increase your Attack Points and Death Points in order to increase your damage output.
When you are leveling the Death Metal with the Pass, you will not increase your Attack Points and Death Points as they are a higher-level class skill than other classes.
(Special)Express Pass- 003:
Learn how to control the enemy with one draw of the dice and fight against 6 bosses and deadly enemies in order to gather the power to enter the Death Metal.
Many of the Death Metal attacks can be used repeatedly, so you will need to make sure that you have enough Adrenaline


Features Key:

  • Puzzle games – Billy Bumbum is a delightfully cheeky puzzle game for all ages and capabilities. Can you work your way through 60 fun, cartoon-style puzzles?

Key Features:

  • 100 Colorful Cartoon Puzzles – 60 fun, cartoon-style puzzles to conquer – solved using an innovative game mechanism that gives players the freedom to choose what level of puzzler they are.

More Information:

  • Full game information


VR Cricket (LifeTime) Activation Code For Windows [Latest]

“Build” will be a simple game design with simple mechanics to teach and easy to understand a base gameplay platform. We’re looking to make a title that feels more like Mario Maker (for example) than Super Mario Bros, where players can easily begin to discover their own gameplay styles and skill. The game will be playable on the Rift, with support for the HTC Vive.

The Android version of the game will be available first, with Windows, Mac, and Linux versions to follow!

Update: March 21, 2020: Development for Rift is complete! Check out our launch trailer!

There are two basic modes of gameplay:

“Solo Mode”

Players must complete contracts from the Mayor in order to upgrade his tank and to capture enemy players and place them on their team.

“Team Mode”

Players can choose to either play with friends or work with an enemy. Players can select a tank to battle for their team.

This game is designed for players of all ages.

The game is currently in Early Access. Players will need to pay $1.00/£0.65/€0.90 to unlock the full game upon release.


1.1.1 – October 1, 2019

* Fixed a crash that occurred during the gameplay of some players

1.1.0 – October 1, 2019

* Added Player Options to the game’s help menu

* Fixed several minor issues

* Created a basic tutorial in the game

1.0.1 – September 3, 2019

* Added the ability to destroy enemies who are not yet dead

* Fixed several minor issues

* Created a basic tutorial in the game

1.0.0 – September 2, 2019

* Basic visual effects added to the game

* Added Windows, Mac, and Linux builds

* Added in-game tutorials

* Added a basic tutorial

* Various bug fixes

* The game is playable in the Rift, with support for the HTC Vive

Requires a mix of Unity 4 and 4.1 and Oculus SDK 8.0.0

All recommendations to play “Build” using Windows unless you have a reason to use another OS.

For all news, updates, and future updates please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and visit our website!


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The game is incredibly tough, but one of the co-op and even 1v1 modes is fairly easy. (I’ve done so much damage to other players that their “A” lives have been ruined, so they’ll never get out of that game without finding a bomb or gun). The in-game multiplayer is fun if you’ve got people you don’t mind playing against. Plus, if you drop your AI into another player’s game, the AI will walk around and use the other player’s controller, so if you feel like kicking your opponent’s butt, you can have your AI play on your opponent’s Xbox. If you do not plan on playing online with your friends, or against others with other friends (and you don’t mind if you lose against them), you will have a lot of fun with this game. Also, this game is free-to-play.

Good game for all ages. Controls easy enough for a 2-year old to pick up. However, for the average person, it’s quite challenging.

The game play is like Bomberman style gameplay, so think about the real Bomberman game when you play.

The art and backgrounds are decent, but overall, the game has a very plain look to it.

For this price, this game has no surprises. The level design is good enough. However, if you don’t like a certain level, it’s not like you can go and change it.

If you are looking for something new to play and you don’t mind playing against your friends online or at parties, I’d recommend this game.

Game plays pretty nice, but the content needs to be expanded a bit to make the game more interesting. The update people are releasing new content but you are forced to play coop only. It’s annoying, I would have rather have just had the content and left out the coop.

This game is really fun, but there is a bug in version 1.3.7 which makes it impossible to play online. It seems that there is a bug which causes the game to think it is a LAN game, and it doesn’t recognise any of the friends I have. Has this been fixed, and if not, can the problem be ignored until the update.

It would be really good if the friends list could be seen in both the same and opposite rooms, and they could be made available for chat. It would also be nice to have a map preview feature so you


What’s new in VR Cricket:

In The Age of Improbable Beings, my recent book, I walked through a hundred examples of “our best ideas about the future” that turned out badly. (Including, for instance, the notion that a binary superintelligence would do work that is morally repugnant, or that existential risks could be minimized by “designing the perfect civilization.”) What I found, more or less, is that the people who are the most confident when it comes to the future are usually the ones who end up looking like they were wrong.

Today, let’s focus on the idea of Artificial Intelligence — which is one of the most pervasive and vague ideas in the popular imagination about the future. What will A.I. be like, and why does anyone think they know?

I often work with entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are inclined to focus on the idea of an artificial general intelligence (A.G.I.), which can think in terms of the universe or humans or any set of the things that people do, and from that generate conclusions and plans. They are looking around, they see that there is plenty of work for them to do, and they expect to put together a winning business. They want to be part of what they feel is the future, and they are confident of their technological expertise. But, as I’ve tried to describe, confidence in one’s technical expertise is always premature — and here that tendency is made worse by people’s unrealism about the future. It may feel like we know more about A.I. than we have, but it’s very hard to predict how — and it’s quite clear that we are nowhere near that point.

Let me talk about five misguided ways that people imagine A.I. develops, and some examples of how things in reality look to people who are quite confident these trends and developments are real.

1. Charted on a timeline

We might keep going back and forth between people saying, “You’re talking nonsense,” and them doing exactly that. A.I. has always been a subject in futurology, and today’s future is tomorrow’s yesterday. Yes, we have some examples of “semesters,” of “model-years,” of “development stages,” and there are names for the processes that take us from the idea of A


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Unforgotten Soundtrack features 13 minutes of music composed exclusively for the game. The soundtrack was composed by Alexander Ahura.
Unforgotten – a story-driven, non-linear visual novel, where you can immerse in the ethnic ambience of Northern myths and horrors. Can you solve the riddles of the past – without ever losing yourself in the present? Your fate is in your hands!
Unforgotten is all about yearning, a young man dreams of a beautiful girl he met once before, but he doesn’t dare to believe that the girl exists and he’s supposed to believe that she died years ago. Then he meets her new friend and goes on a quest into the foggy and cold north.
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